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We build to-scale models of cities chosen by you, the community, and bring those cities to life through 3D printing!

Anyone can vote for the next city to be built. Once a city reaches enough votes a to-scale model of the city is created, 3D printed, and then becomes available for purchase online.


Where Would You Like To Go Next?

Vote for your favorite city. Once a city reaches 100 votes a model will be created and then 3D printed.

If you have already taken this survey and would like to take it again, click here.

The Process

A City is Chosen

Vote on the cities you would like to see built. Once a city reaches 100 votes it will move into the 3D modeling phase of the process.

To-Scale Model Made

An appropriate area and scale for the city is chosen. It then takes about 4-6 weeks for the 3D model to be created.

City is 3D Printed

The final model is 3D printed using biodegradable PLA plastic on a high-end 3D printer. The prints range in size from 4-10 inches in width.



Denver is now complete! Click here to see more details.

These places Already Exist